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The Secret Manifesting Powers of the Mind

The Mental CodesFrom The Mental Codes by Dr. Michael J. Duckett

Your mind has amazing abilities that most people never use. As you probably know, it is estimated that we only use less than 10% of the mind in our daily lives. However, your mind is more than an instrument for thinking, figuring out problems, or experiencing life. Your mind is actually an instrument, given to you, with miraculous abilities to manifest things.

What can your mind manifest? Whatever you want!

With the extreme advancement of research on the brain and mind over the last 15 years, amazing things have been revealed that can help you utilize and accelerate the manifestation process. To access these abilities and harness the unlimited power of your mind, you need to know the following:

The mind is separate from the brain. Although the mind affects the brain and the brain affects the mind, the two are separate things.

We have now developed technology to visually experience the mind. The mind is located just above the skull. Approximately one-half inch above the top of the head is an energy field. This mass of energy expands and contracts according to what an individual is thinking.

As a person thinks fearful thoughts, the energy field (the mind) shrinks in size. The same affect occurs when a person is angry or doing something unethical (Doing wrong knowing it is wrong).

When a person is happy, confident, or peaceful, the mind increases in size significantly. The longer and more intense a person experiences these positive emotions, the larger the mind grows in size.

Emotions increase the power of manifestation. In the center of the brain, emotions are created by mixing brain chemicals to create small protein molecules called neuropeptides. These neuropeptides (emotions) direct your life and determine what you will experience emotionally, psychologically, and materialistically. Strong emotions quickly manifest whatever a person is feeling. Let’s take a look at this process for just a minute.

If a person is feeling lack (a negative contracting thought) the brain produces the chemicals and ultimately the emotions of lack. The brain’s response sends an emotional message to the mind which causes a decrease in size of this electrical cloud above the head. This decrease in electricity combined with the emotional message of the brain causes a person to create more lack. This feedback cycle continues to intensify and thereby manifesting more of what a person doesn’t want—lack.

Now, if a person feels abundance (a positive expansive thought) the brain produces the chemicals and ultimately the emotions of abundance. The brain’s response sends a message to the mind which creates an increase in size of this electrical cloud above the head. The brain’s transferred, emotional message along with the mind’s increase of electricity combine to manifest the desired thought of abundance into the material world.

Learn more about the mind and how to harness it in “The Mental Codes.”

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