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Secret to Attracting With Your Mind

I’d like to share with you the power of attracting things with your mind. The mind is like a magnet. No, it’s not like a regular magnet that attracts metals, but it does attract things. It attracts whatever you believe. Whatever you believe, the mind will be attracted to it. It will help to manifest it and attract the other things necessary to make it a reality in your life.

The mind is a magnet that attracts everything into an individual’s life. What is attracting into your life right now? Are they the things you really want? If not, then realize that you have the power to change your thinking to be more in line with attracting what you want into your life.

Try this Exercise…

Close your eyes. Envision lying on a beach. Smell the ocean air. Hear the waves crashing against the shore. Feel the warm sun beaming down. Hear seagulls off in the distance. All these things occur in your mind. Your mind doesn’t know if that’s your imagination, your belief or whether it’s really there.

It’s you that is the determining factor of saying if it’s real or not, but your mind doesn’t know. If you keep on envisioning that long enough, your mind will make that manifest into your life. It will attract different things to get you onto the beach, to make it a reality. It does that with everything in your life. Any successful person will tell you that their success started in the mind. Envisioning is the very first step in making anything from successful athletes to successful people.

Athletes can just sit there, close their eyes, and we can hook them up to electrodes. They can visualize participating in their sport, and we can look at the graph and see that their muscles are responding with electrical impulses as if that athlete is actually participating in their sport.

How is that occurring? The mind doesn’t know if the athlete is actually participating or not, so it’s sending electrical impulses to the muscles as if it is. The same goes with your life. The mind will send out the electrical impulses to the universe and attract back to you whatever you believe to be real.

What are you attracting in your life right now?

Remember the mind cannot pick up three words, “don’t,” “not,” “no.” If you are saying, “I don’t want to be overweight,” then the mind doesn’t hear the word “don’t.” It hears, “I want to be overweight.” So it starts to attract everything to make you overweight.

What do you do if you want to be healthier, wealthier or in a more loving relationship? Instead of saying what you don’t want concentrate on what you do want. That’s how you program the mind to attract things like a magnet. Instead of concentrating on not being overweight, concentrate on being healthy.

You constantly remind yourself, “I am in the process of being healthy.” If you just say “I am healthy,” the mind will say, “No you’re not. Look in the mirror.” It will kick it right out. But if you say, “I am in the process of being healthy” your mind will be receptive of that. As you constantly remind yourself of that, the mind will attract it into your life.

A lady named Joan said that she could not find a good relationship. She had looked for over 40 years for the perfect relationship. She had given up.

I suggested, “Why don’t you try attracting the perfect mate with your mind?” Constantly in your mind say, “I am in the process of finding the perfect mate.”

Now, I’m happy to say Joan not only found the perfect mate, but also the perfect mate says Joan’s perfect for him as well. That tells you the mind can attract whatever you’re thinking about.

The problem with the mind is that it is addicted to many things. Everyone has addictions. I’m not talking only about drug addicts or alcoholics. Everyone has addictions. The addiction is there because of the emotion that is produced from that addiction or habit. The emotion gives the person security, happiness or love. It’s the emotion we’re addicted to and not the habit.

You may think, “You’re mistaken, I don’t have any addictions.”

Do you drink coffee or tea? Do you watch TV? If you watch a program and say, “That’s my program,” guess what? You’re addicted to that program. Some people are addicted to the news or to Oprah.

What about food? Most people will only eat 5-7 specific meals. Every week, when they go grocery shopping, they shop for the same meals. If they go to a restaurant, they order the same meals.

secret attracting mindThey are addicted from a habit standpoint to those specific meals. There are many different foods out there, but they are addicted to those.

I bet you’re even addicted to sleeping on a specific side of your bed. Try switching over one time and see what happens. It’s amazing as we look at what our addictions are, because whatever you’re addicted to, that is where your life is at. You are at a stuck point because of your addictions. The only way you can achieve more or become more successful and experience more from life is to change your addictions.

Easier said than done. It’s important to note that when you start changing your addictions (whether they are good or bad ones), you may feel a grieving process. You may be angry or depressed initially. The mind is used to having that addiction in its life and it will register it as a loss – just as if you were in bereavement over losing an individual. That’s why if you change mattresses, for instance, the first couple nights are not so comfortable.

If changing a chair or some other furniture can trigger that feeling of loss, imagine changing some significant point or practices in your life that have been holding you back. You may feel a little uncomfortable, even by eliminating these counter-productive things in your life. Check the addictions in your life. Make sure they are in line with what you want to attract with your mind.

Decide what you want in your life, then create a burning desire to attract it with your mind. Keep going, keep going, keep attracting with that burning desire no matter what comes before you. Above all else, do it now. Do it right now, because if you start doing it now, you’ll start getting the life you want right now.

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