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Feeling Stuck? Take This Quick Reality Check

The Mental Codes

Are you feeling stuck in your life? Are you feeling as if you can’t move forward? This is caused by fear.  Fear actually isn’t real. You can’t be fearful about the past, so fear lives in the future. It hasn’t happened yet, so it isn’t real.

Conduct a Reality Check

Conducting a reality check can help you identify the fear and then reduce its impact on your life so you can move forward.

Step 1: Identify Your Fear. Are you afraid of failure? Success? Homelessness? Death? Loneliness? Embarrassment? Etc? If you’re not sure what the fear is, look for where you’re experiencing stress. Where there is stress, there is fear.

Stressors are the areas in which you are. Remember, you’re only going to rise to the level of your greatest fear.

Step 2: Identify where you think the fear came from. Don’t get hung up if you can’t figure out where it came from, but see if you can remember where it started. If you can’t remember, move on to step 3.

Step 3: Ask  yourself, “If this fear came true today, in my life what would happen to me?” Write this out. Writing will empty your subconscious mind. What would happen to you if this fear became real today? Then if that part came true, what would happen? Take it all the way… go to death… and beyond. Play with your fear. This takes the electrical charge off the fear in your head. You want to diminish the electrical charge that fear has on your life because it’s distorting everything.

Once you’ve released the fear, you clear a path to start moving forward again.

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