Facebook Ad Management for Authors

Have you been thinking of running Facebook ads for your books, but are either overwhelmed with the process or strapped for time? Our retainer options are ideal for you if you want to run Facebook ads but don't have the time or inclination to

  • keep up with the details,
  • read the stats,
  • stay on top of what's working and what's not,
  • Constantly keep up with Facebook's never-ending changes to how their system works, and
  • Test and tweak until you find the combination that gives you the best bang for your advertising buck.
  • And then re-adjust your strategy when something changes with the audience or Facebook policies

Stop pulling your hair out, put IdeaMarketers on retainer to manage your Facebook Ad Campaigns for you each month.


  • Consulting with you on the best way to use Facebook ads to meet your overall objectives.
  • Creation and management of
    • A Facebook ad campaign to lead people to your book. I recommend leading them to a page on your site so that those people can be "cookied" (gathered into a Facebook audience) and remarketed to with future ads. Your campaign can have multiple ads within it so we can split test which images, headlines and verbiage works best.
    • Researching audiences, creating 2 Ad Sets within your campaign to target different audiences that may be a fit. I'll monitor these to see which audiences perform best and deactivate under-performers as needed. Each Ad Set (aka audience) will have 1-3 ads within them and we'll find the best performer and deactivate under-performers.
  • Monitoring of your ads as needed.
  • Optimizing your ads for best price per conversion. I'll see that ads stay within your daily budget as we do this.
  • Up to 3 Books Being Promoted - If you have more than one book, we'll set up and test your first book the first month. You may add a second book the second month while we continue monitoring ads for your first book. The third month, you may add a third book while we continue to monitor your first two book's ads. At any given time we will monitor 3 ads/month. One of them may be newly tested ads while the other two campaigns will run ads already optimized. We'll mainly be monitoring those to make sure they are still optimally performing. If they stop performing well, we will pause them until the next month in which you may use that month's "ad creation" for re-creating new ads for that book.
  • Note: The average minimum budget Facebook requires per audience (aka adset) is $5/day. It's possible, Facebook may let you budget less, but it's best to budget for $5/day. Ads may be stopped at any time. They do not have to run the entire month. You will be charged directly by Facebook 

Only $149/month!

If you have another type of business besides books or wish to run multiple new campaigns each month, we can quote you based on your specific project.  Please sign up for a free 20-minute strategy session to discuss your needs.

free facebook ad strategy session