Basic Social Media Management

You know your business needs consistent social media marketing, but it’s just not your thing. You have better ways to spend your time — like focusing on what you do best.  If you have some content you’ve already created — like blog posts, a book, an ebook, reports, articles, etc — we can take that content and curate it into a stream of content for 3 social media platforms that work best for your audience.
If you have no content and want us to create some, please sign up for a Free 20-minute strategy session to discuss your needs.
  • We’ll create 4 Facebook Business Page Posts per week and post them to your business Facebook page.
  • We will connect your Facebook Business Page to your Twitter Account so that all posts automatically post to your Twitter account.
  • We’ll create one Pinterest image/week and pin it to our Pinterest board(s) with appropriate descriptions. We will send you these and you may easily share these to your Pinterest board(s).
  • We’ll create one Instagram image for you per week along with description/hashtags. We’ll post these to our Instagram account and also send the image and description to you for you to post to your Instagram. (Instagram posts are made from your phone.)
  • We’ll share one of your Facebook posts/week to Marnie Pehrson’s personal Facebook wall (She has 4,572 friends there and good engagement)

* Note, you may substitute LinkedIn for Pinterest or Instagram, if you wish.

Video Explanation of How It Works

Initial Setup: $49 (Optional)

If you do  not have a Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest account, we can set up 2 different social media accounts for you and also set up special Facebook Tracking Codes to track the visitors who visit your web site. Visitors will be gathered into a custom Facebook Audience. This is great for re-marketing to your visitors. You (or we) can run ads to these site visitors in the future. It’s important to gather visitors even if you aren’t ready to place ads. Facebook will store these people for you for 6 months.

Monthly Management Retainer: $100/month