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Vulnerable Writing: How to Safely Share Your Vulnerable Story in a Book

Do people tell you that you should write a book about your life? But have you put it off because your story involves exposing other people? Or you’d rather not air so much of your personal life? Here are a couple ideas for vulnerable writing that protects your privacy and the privacy of others.

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Correction: I said you were getting two established authors. I’m an established author with 25 titles. My partner conducting the retreat with me is an established blogger with 7,000+ poems and has 2 books in the works, an English degree and is a great editor.

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How to Keep Your Readers Turning Pages

Are you writing fiction or considering writing fiction? How would you like to keep your readers turning pages and unable to put down your book? When people find a book so engaging they can’t put it down, they’re more likely to share it with their friends.

In this video I share techniques for keeping your readers engaged and reading. I illustrate my points using a scene from An Uncertain Justice, a novel based on a true story about my 2nd great grandfather who was murdered atop Lookout Mountain in Georgia. The book is about the last legal hanging in the state of Georgia.

I hope you enjoy the scene and glean some ideas for how to keep your readers engaged.

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getting people to trust you

How to Get People to Trust What You Have To Say

Every human being has a conscious mind that acts as a gatekeeper, deciding who it will believe and who it will not believe. The conscious mind looks at your body language, mannerisms, how you present yourself. It may compare you to someone else it has encountered to make a decision on whether to let you in.

When you’re putting your message into the world, whether it be in a book form, an information product or live delivery, your audience decides whether they will listen to what you have to say based on the feedback the conscious mind receives.

If you can get past the gatekeeper, your message will sink into the subconscious mind where it has a higher probability of being acted upon. Whether you’re trying to motivate someone to self-reflect, make life changes or buy your product, you need to get past the gatekeeper.

In this video, I share two ways you can get people to trust what you have to say enough to allow your message into the subconscious mind. These are two techniques anyone can use. As you use them you will connect on a deeper level with your audience, build credibility and trust and increase the likelihood of the person doing what you’re trying to get them to do.

So let’s get started…

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The Power of Story: An Author’s Golden Elixir

I’d been fascinated by the life of my 4th great grandmother, Dicey Langston, for nearly two decades before deciding to write a book about her life. Her story was the first fiction novel I ever wrote. It hooked me, reeled me into the power of fiction and the golden elixir of story. Over the next few years, I wrote at least nine more novels, eventually tutoring with editors to further perfect my craft.

Writing fiction was a part of my “hero’s journey” as an author. I traveled to other worlds and brought back the elixir and power of story. In every nonfiction book I’ve written since then, you’ll find stories woven throughout. Stories are what engage your readers, draw them in, connect to their hearts. Once the emotional connection is established, it is much easier to convey principles.

When you emotionally connect truth to a memorable story, it’s like linking a memory to a song. You know what I’m talking about. There’s that song that comes on and suddenly you’re transported back in time to a funny memory of the sixth grade or back to your first kiss. Stories that tug at your emotions implant truths deep into your mind where they stick. Remember the story, and you “feel” the principle. It becomes a part of you at a deeper level than if someone just “preached at you” insisting, “you should do this or that.”

This is why the central focus of my Create a WOW Book System is my Collaborative Creation and Story Method. Once you learn how to craft a compelling story, you have the building blocks of a page-turner.

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