Planners for Authors

book author planners3 Author / Book Planners

  • Book Brainstorming Planner
  • Your Amazon Author Page Monetization Planner
  • How to Host an Off the Charts Book Signing Event Planner + 10 Worksheets

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Book Launch PlannerBook Bestseller Launch Planner

The Step-by-Step Planner Covers (20 PAGES):

  • Step 1: Lay the Foundation
    • Exercise: Build your website
    • Exercise: Breaking down your website foundation page by page
  • Step 2: Polish Your Social Presence
    • Exercise: Brand yourself for visibility
  • Step 3: Create a Landing Page
    • Exercise: Create a high-converting landing page
    • Exercise: List 5 bonuses you plan to offer with your new book
  • Step 4: Work Your List
    • Exercise: Teasing Your Launch
    • Exercise: Create a nurture sequence that offers a soft promotion
  • Step 5: Leveraging Your Connections
    • Exercise: List 5 influential podcasts to leverage
    • Exercise: List 5 influential bloggers to leverage
    • Exercise: List 5 influential referral partners to leverage
  • Step 6: Build a Buzz
    • Exercise: Plan Your Buzz Funnel
  • Step 7: Plan Your Book Tour
    • Exercise: Plan your book tour
  • Step 8: Advertise
    • Exercise: Plan your social media marketing strategy
  • Step 9: Launch Day
    • Exercise: Plan your “Live” buzz
  • Step 10: Keep the Momentum Going – Plan Your Next Bestseller!
    • Exercise: Keep the momentum going.

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