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How to Create Information Products FAST

Transform your life lessons, experience and expertise into cash flow producing information products. "Information Products" can be reports, home study courses, online trainings, group trainings, consulting or mentoring programs, live events or retreats, etc. Using Marnie's step-by-step templated system you can create any and all of your information products FAST!  Find out more here.

kindlebooksCreate A "WOW!" Book

Are you in the process of writing a book, but feel like it's missing that WOW-Factor that makes people exclaim, "You've got to read this book!"

This program would be an ideal fit for you if

  • you're thinking of writing a nonfiction book.
  • in the midst of writing a nonfiction book
  • have your book almost finished and just need to add finishing touches.
  • you want to use your book to….attract more joint ventures, speaking engagements, and forward your movement . . .

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5 Step Kindle Creation and Publishing System

Are you excited to see your book on Kindle? Are you feeling overwhelmed by what it takes to format it correctly and upload it to Amazon?

Are you tired of paying for cover creation and formatting that eats into your profits? Is depending upon others keeping you from getting your books converted to Kindle format as fast as you'd like?

Did you know creating a Kindle book doesn't have to be as difficult as some people suspect or make it? In fact, I can show you how to format and upload a Kindle book in as little as an hour. I do it all the time!

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